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Course of the week "Clematis"

50% discount

We create
flowers ourselves

The highest pleasure is the desire to create!

My name is Natalia.
I am engaged in modeling flowers from self-hardening polymer clay (cold porcelain). I love my job very much and I will be happy to teach you how to sculpt!
Video courses
 Video course "Rosehip"
Video course "Lilac"
Video course "Peony Sarah Bernhardt"
As part of the course, we will consider the creation of two branches: with flowers and with rosehip fruits. We will blind, tint and collect a bright beautiful flower, consider the modeling of different buds. Let's assemble the leaves into a complex, multi-tiered twig. A very detailed and informative course! We sculpt full-sized twigs from and to.
This is an author's video course on modeling a full-size lilac twig.

As part of the course, we will create a realistic lilac branch and a large inflorescence. I will show the author's technique of modeling flowers. We will master two types of tinting, complex assembly of the inflorescence, blind and color the leaves.
We will create a full-sized, realistic sprig of peony. We make an open flower with many different petals. We will tone the petals, give them a natural satin shine. Let's collect the petals so that the peony looks voluminous, airy. We blind and shade the buds, leaves.
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