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Frequently Asked

I answered the most popular questions.
If you have not found an answer, I will gladly reply to you in the mail.
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How to buy a video course?
You can buy a course through this website. Just put the selected video course in your cart and place an order. After that, the system will redirect you to the page with the details. Pay the order amount and be sure to unsubscribe to me by email
Don't forget to include your first name and the first letter of the cardholder's last name with which you paid and the last 4 digits of this card. This is necessary so that I can promptly, without delay, identify your payment and, accordingly, promptly give you the paid material.
What is Course of the Week?
Every week on Wednesday we change course of the week. That is, one (less often two) course is selected, which will be available for purchase with a 50% discount until next Wednesday.
ATTENTION! New items do not participate in this section! That is, if you want to buy a new product at a bargain price, then it is worth doing it in the first 3-5 days of sales. These days, all new video courses go at a discount. After this period, the novelty can only be purchased at full price. However, all my video courses are quite inexpensive for the GIGANSKY amount of information that I give in each course!
How is the process of transferring video courses going?
After payment, you are sent a link to download the video material to your computer. Also, a book in PDF format is attached to each video course.
All material is uploaded to Yandex Disk or Google Disk.
How long is access to the video course?
There are no time restrictions on video courses, access is provided FOREVER!
You can browse and sculpt at a convenient time for you and at a comfortable pace.
What if there is no way to download material to your computer?
In this case, closed Vkontakte groups are provided. If you wish, I can add you to such a group and you can work with information without taking up computer memory. The disadvantage of this option is that it requires an Internet connection. The video files downloaded to the computer do not require access to the Internet, they work autonomously. Which way to choose is up to you!
Is it possible to ask questions?
You can and even need it!
If you have questions in the process, then be sure to write to me and we will analyze everything in detail. You can write to e-mail
How do I get an additional 5% discount?
  • Blind one (or more) of my video course and send me a photo *. For each new job, you are given an additional 5% discount. ATTENTION only this discount is summed up with other promotions and discounts!
  • One job = one use of an additional skide.
  • if you send a photo, then you agree that I will publish it on the website or social networks under the headings "Student Works." Where it is technically possible to always indicate the author of the work.